Opportunities for Corporate Branding and Product Placement

     Through the motion pictures produced by FilmNC Capital Management, unique and broad-based national and international branding and product placement opportunities are offered to businesses, corporations and industries looking to implement innovative advertising strategies. Defined as a potent form of subliminal advertising, brand identification and product placement within films can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing, with no separate expenditures for production or marketing, and no associated distribution costs.

     Effective corporate branding can be accomplished through the dialogue in a film, "You folks sell Krispy Kremes?" or the visual display of a business or product, from Bank of America to Pepsi-Cola.

     Historically, product placement in feature films has proven to have a direct, visual impact on consumers, providing a highly effective form of subtle advertising. Additionally, corporate branding and product placement exposure may be folded within a film's publicity campaign.

     Classically notable product placements are found in E.T. (Reese's Pieces), My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Windex), Catch Me If You Can (Sara Lee Products) and Top Gun (Ray-Ban "Aviator" Sunglasses). The sale of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses rose 40% in the seven months following the release of this film.