FilmNC Capital Management, LLC

"If you haven't enjoyed the stock market's plot line in recent years, but you're still able to stand the suspense — then you might want to go to the movies."

— "Investing In the Big Screen Can Be a Profitable Story,", October 18, 2010


     With an impressive resume in motion picture production, the Tar Heel state is one of the most respected production sites of feature-length films outside of California. Often referred to as "Hollywood East," North Carolina has a marvelous physical film production infrastructure that includes EUE/Screen Gems Studios in the port city of Wilmington — the largest and most complete major motion picture studio east of Los Angeles. The state has highly experienced and critically regarded film production crews, with a registered roster of over 3,000 professionals.

     With its diverse and exquisitely painted geographic palette from Murphy to Manteo, North Carolina's landscape can duplicate virtually any outdoor location in the world. An attractive financial atmosphere and competitive tax incentives are designed to foster major film production within its borders. Based on these and other attributes it becomes obvious that a forward-reaching, solidly founded motion picture finance and production company within the state of North Carolina is planted in fertile and friendly ground.

     FilmNC Capital Management is that company.

Company Specifics

     FilmNC Capital Management, LLC, the Manager of McGuire's Miracle Productions, LLC, is a tax advantaged company that is designed to serve as a bridge between private equity and feature-length motion picture production. As a North Carolina limited liability company established in September of 2011, the company is organized to utilize investment capital and other finance structures to fund and produce top-tier motion pictures of the highest standards and taste.

     At its core, the company is designed to harness and leverage the presence and power of the motion picture industry in North Carolina and has one overarching goal. That is to put its "Producer" imprimatur on superbly produced, award-caliber motion pictures that have the studied potential for high theatrical box office success.

     The company diligently adheres to the keys of successful film production in the careful selection of product. This task takes into account the attractiveness of a film's story, the quality of its script and the caliber of talent — both artistic and technical — attached to that product.

FilmNC Capital Management Is Designed to Finance Motion Pictures That —

  • Embody attractive topics;

  • Possess compelling storylines;

  • Have expertly written scripts;

  • Feature A-list and critically regarded actors;

  • Display exquisite cinematography and sophisticated musical scores;

  • Employ expert artistic and technical crew;

  • Are emblematic of the ever superior commitment to craftsmanship and excellence that predominates within North Carolina's workforce, &

  • Are tastefully marketed and smartly distributed.

A Forward-Looking Company for Today's Business Environment

     Currently, economic times allow for uncommon opportunities in the field of commerce. Because of recent shifts, a rarely manifested cycle presents itself as exciting new business paradigms are born. The motion picture industry is a primary beneficiary of these shifts as film finance, production, distribution and technology converge to offer unprecedented business opportunities.

     In today's business environment of unprecedented federal and state tax incentives, foreign pre-sale packages, attractive finance structures, etc., well-considered and carefully vetted motion picture projects can provide an attractive destination for both individual and institutional investors — with the potential benefit of long-term residual revenue streams.

     Both the investment community and the Tar Heel state are well-situated to dine on the commerce opportunities afforded by the motion picture industry, as FilmNC Capital Management endeavors to support both North Carolina and the country in its quest to achieve the business diversification it is seeking in today's redefined global marketplace.

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